Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Father's Day / Blessing Day

ather's Day was extra special for us. Not only was it Paul's first official Father's Day, but it was also Matthew and Seth's blessing day.
Last year I suggested to my family (who up until recently hardly ever got together all at once) that we should have a family reunion in June of 2010. My idea was to come up with a date and time, one year in advance so everyone could save money and vacation time. Then we found out we were expecting the boys, and our plan to get together for a family camp out seemed a bit unrealistic. Luckily my family said it would be a great idea to come to Texas instead of camping in CO and participate in the boy's blessings.
Paul's parents and sister along with her son were also here for the blessing, making it one awesome time! So for 5 days we had (depending on the day) 13 adults 12 kiddos and one dog running around our place. Matthew and Seth did really well considering the noise and being passed around. It was great to have all of my family, and as many of the Denson's that could make it here for one great weekend.

 I totally copied and pasted all of Megan's hard work here.