Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Reunion of sorts

So while I was in CO I had to round up some old college friends and run up to Laramie.  In the planning stages of this reunion, we planned on having more people come, but jobs/life got in the way.  It was still great seeing friends and catching up on people's lives. Come to find out I am still just as immature now as when I was back in college with these gals!  Good times!

Still great buddies!
  We walked around UW campus and reminisced. 
It turns out, we weren't the only things to have changed in the last 14 years...UW Campus really looked different!
These last two pictures were taken at Veedauwo with my camera's self timer...we're all laughing at the fool I made of myself lying on the ground trying to document our reunion. 
There was talk of doing this more often with grander places to visit.  I hope we can keep it going cause I sure have missed these gals!