Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paul's cousin Mollie came to see us again!  Yea!  The boys took to her right away.  They just started jabbering away telling her all sorts of things.  Matthew especially liked Mollie; I think it is because Seth was busy running after me and Paul so Matthew had Mollie all to himself.  

It was crazy to see how much they had changed in six months.  

Saying goodbye December 2010
Remembering the Alamo May 2011

Roasting by the lake... Oasis Style
We saw some sights, we baked in the heat, and we crammed all 5 of us in the Honda.  Good times.
Thanks for the visit Mollie!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's the matter with these scissors?

We had a visitor for the Memorial Day weekend.  She said it was to get a break from work; we still put her to work here anyway.

Mollie knows a thing to two about cutting hair.  And one of our boys really needed a good hair trimming.  So with some bribery, distractions and our professional hair cutting kit (with VHS instructions included), Mollie was able to get one and a half heads trimmed (note:Mollie did not need the instructional video.)

Seth was ok for most of it.  And by ok, I mean he wasn't screaming like Matthew.

Gross!  I found a hair in my ice cream!

What if I wanted a mullet?!?!?!?