Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What has four legs and barks?

Give you a hint...

It's not this guy!

Poor Matthew and Seth have croup.  They have been barking up a storm this week. Matthew is getting over it, just in time for Seth to start up. Good times!

Colder temps make breathing easier with croup; so it's a good thing that the weather is finally cooler now.

In other news, Halloween was a dud.  Between puking kids, and bad planning on the parent's part, Seth and Matthew dressed up as themselves this year. 

In my defense I did buy them capes so they could be vampires.  It just so happened that those scary capes had the boys running away screaming every time I tried to put them on.

Dad did his best carving a pumpkin even with kids constantly trying to climb in is lap "to help".  Way to not chop any fingers off Dad!  :)
He ended up carving a wolf howling in front of the moon.  Before the trick or treaters came, little hands had pushed the wolf inside the pumpkin, making it look like we just carved a hole in the side of our gourd.   
Luckily with a few tooth picks, the pumpkin was presentable.

And finally, you can't talk about Halloween, without posting a picture of your kids stuffing themselves with candy.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring - quite often the hard way. ~Pamela Dugdale

I hope our boys stay friends forever.  They love to play hide and seek with each other.  All one has to do is squeal and hide in the curtains and the other one comes running to join in.  I love it.

As with all siblings, however, there are fights.  Current;y fights erupt over brooms, remotes, phones, books, and our laps.  Heck, they even fight over the dog's food bowl.

But you know they love each other.  The only person Seth really cuddles with is his brother.  Seth will love on the dog, books, stuffed animals and our phones, but not his parents.  Matthew on the other hand, is always looking for a hug from Mom and Dad.  I think Matthew's goal in life is to get Seth to laugh.  I can see milk coming out of noses at the dinner table in the near future. ;)

It's been getting colder here.  But only one sock kind of cold


Matthew is still working on getting his tongue out on command.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh boys!

At the request of the few viewers I have.... Here are some videos of the boys

Yard Crashers

Back in August amidst out super hot weather, we were blessed with our own yard crashers.

Who does this?  Someone took the time to find a stake and fake plant and put it in our yard?   I will be the first to admit that our yard has no curb appeal, but really a fake plant?  Should I be offended?

Can you tell I have been watching HGTV shows recently?

Monday, August 15, 2011


I have the best helpers. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Missin the mountains and rain and overall coolness!!!!!

We have been missing the mountains since our CO/WY/UT trip, and of course we are really missing the rain that the mountain west seems to be hogging.

Our first stop was in CO.  Prior to all of us descending on my folks, Megan and Sam and Mom and Dad were very busy getting the house ready for all of the visitors.  Carpets were cleaned, wall paper torn down, bathrooms finished off, and probably more, I just can't remember everything.  The boys learned the hard way about the hardwood floors, and the fire place hearth, along with that sneaky step from the kitchen to the dining room.  But by the end of the week they were tearing all over the place with the rest of the kids.

The boys were asleep when Sean and his family arrived that first night.  I don't think Matthew and Seth knew what to think when they heard the clomping around from the room above .  They just kept watching as O'Jr kid after O'Jr kid came down the stairs.  By the time Kathy and her crew arrived that afternoon, I don't really know how much the boys noticed the change in numbers.

There were plenty of times people were called by the wrong name.  But, hey Megan and I are used to that.  I guess Seth and Matthew will have to get used to that as well.  Matthew latched on to Rebekah and Katelyn right off the bat.  I think by the end, though, they were pretty well smothered.   Seth did a pretty good job of smothering Paul that week as well.  Thank goodness Seth would go to other guys if absolutely needed.

I think the boys had a blast playing and eating outside.  They would park themselves near the kitchen door hoping some cousin would try to escape as well.  They loved the cat, they loved the swings, they loved the cliffs and really gave Paul a run for his money when it came to safety outside.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You know you are a nerd when...

Both of you can't sleep (thanks to an extra long nap earlier that day) and you start trying to name different Star Trek species. 

You are even nerdier when you can't think of the name of one and look it up on your phone at 12:30 AM.

These guys had us stumped for a little while.  Can you name this species?