Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer antics!

Oh what did we do in the summer time, when all of Austin was hot?
Did we sit in the shade? Heck Yes!
Or drink lemonade? Water was consumed in large quantities!
Or swim in the pool to cool off? Swimming was a must!
Is that what we did? 
And then some!

We flew kites!

Frequented splash pads weekly.

Perspired while zipping around on scooters!

Family came to suffer with us through the heat.

 Jumped on the trampoline when the sun was done baking us for the day.

Made Flower the pony haul Matthew around for a while.

Tex obliged to cart Seth around as well.

Found a huge turtle, also sick of the heat.  I'm assuming he's heading north to cooler weather.

The boys honed their skills at Mario Cart.

 And we relocated two frogs named Sabo and Jubo to a near by pond. They were quickly devoured by some birds.  Oops!

I still don't know if summer is over, but we have had a pretty good time and we are looking forward to fall adventures!