Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Look who turned two!!!!


Since we don't have family in town who can take pictures of our kiddo's (aka Mysha) we had Toni Mari Photography help us out.  For those of you who don't know, the Blue Bonnet is the Texas State flower.  Poor Matthew and Seth's birthdays fall right in the blue bonnet season so you will probably be seeing pictures likes these for years to come.  Oh Darn!!!

I don''t usually do this but here are their two-year stats, it gives you a picture how different they are from each other.

Matthew 33.5 lbs (96%)
36.3 inches tall (92%)

Seth 25.5 lbs(21%)
34.2 inches tall (45%)

Everyday they they get more and more fun.  They love to talk about tunnels, cars, trucks, airplanes, and animals.  They love their walks, and being thrown in the air by Dad.  Matthew will talk your ear off if you let him, and Seth will make you read books till you are hoarse. Every time we come in from playing outside, Seth pulls at his clothes and wants to run naked.  He also asks me to take Matthew's clothes off as well. Matthew is super aware of people's feelings.  He takes notice when you are sad.  He crouches down and asks what's wrong.

No doubt about it they are growing up. But they sure are cute!

Happy Birthday my boys!

Leggo my Mego

Megan came to spend her spring break with us.  A special thanks to Sam for sending her our way!

We made special visits to Zilker Park and rode the train,  we ate at WhatABurger,  hiked the monstrous Mt Bonnell, and visited with the peacocks at Mayfield Park.  Paul and I managed to get sinus infections while Megan was here,but it ended up working out.  Megan got one on one time with the boys, and Paul and I got in to see the Dr. (sweet relief).

We loved having our Megan with us.  We can't wait until this summer when we get to see her and everyone else even more.