Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What has four legs and barks?

Give you a hint...

It's not this guy!

Poor Matthew and Seth have croup.  They have been barking up a storm this week. Matthew is getting over it, just in time for Seth to start up. Good times!

Colder temps make breathing easier with croup; so it's a good thing that the weather is finally cooler now.

In other news, Halloween was a dud.  Between puking kids, and bad planning on the parent's part, Seth and Matthew dressed up as themselves this year. 

In my defense I did buy them capes so they could be vampires.  It just so happened that those scary capes had the boys running away screaming every time I tried to put them on.

Dad did his best carving a pumpkin even with kids constantly trying to climb in is lap "to help".  Way to not chop any fingers off Dad!  :)
He ended up carving a wolf howling in front of the moon.  Before the trick or treaters came, little hands had pushed the wolf inside the pumpkin, making it look like we just carved a hole in the side of our gourd.   
Luckily with a few tooth picks, the pumpkin was presentable.

And finally, you can't talk about Halloween, without posting a picture of your kids stuffing themselves with candy.