Monday, December 2, 2013

From the Top - Part 2

April Continued
We found out that Seth is allergic to Pistachios (really allergic, like go to the ER allergic).
It all started at the park where we ate lunch and played on the playground.  Seth started crying that his eyes itched.  I thought he might have dust or something in them, so I tried to rinse out his eyes.  Then his eyes started puffing up and my mom adamantly said we needed to go get him some medicine. After running through the Walgreens, and having Seth throw up his medicine, my mom told us to take him to the ER.
We got him to the emergency room and I held him up to admitting window and said, "My son is having an allergic reaction".  They swooped us right in.  Long story short, we now carry an epi pen and steer clear of pistachios and cashews (the snooty nuts).
Are those eyes puffy from crying or the pistachios?

All is well as soon as he started watching the tube.
Matthew thought the ER was fantastic since they had Sponge Bob playing

I'm just glad my parents were there to recognize what was happening and for taking care of Matthew while Seth and I waited hung out  in the ER.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

From the Top Part 1

The boys tried their hands at riding bikes at the park. It's a pretty cool park including a little town with streets and a stop light.
I'm not sure what good their helmets do when dangling to the side.

We started family movie nights complete with popcorn and "pokey" juice.
We also helped our neighbor load his tree branches into his wagon.  And just happened to score a ride in the process.

 Not super exciting, but we get our kicks where we can.                                                              

We mostly just chilled, found new creative outlets, and found opportunities to expel energy.

Pants?  We don't need pants to drive!
Meet Shane and Zoo the Sock Muppets

April-"The month of visitors and Birthdays"

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Matthew and Seth are rambunctious little boys with only the diapers they are wearing tying them to the world of babyhood (even that is nearing its end).
We have had holidays, colds, freezing weather, more colds, and now a new year.

I'll just give you a barrage of pictures and try to give you a summary.
Here it goes:

This summer I took the boys bowling.  Um, that was a really long game...

Trying to play a game and keep the kids from getting
their heads smashed in was a lot of work.

We found a Superman and Ninja costume to try on.

The Superman costume was by far the best, which led to fighting.

We rode the metro train with Uncle Bob. 
Now it is officially Bob's train. Sorry Capitol Metro.

We splashed in the rain.  

 Enough said about that.

We did the pumpkin patch thing which included a wagon ride, corn maze (with eye gouging corn stalks) and farm animals.

We attempted the Halloween thing this year.
Vampires can wear shorts right?

Tomo trapped a racoon on our deck. Now if only he could catch the squirrels chewing on our house. :)

The boys started entertaining themselves and Tomo by reading to him.

The day after Thanksgiving we decided it was too nice to stay inside so we went to Georgetown Lake. 

 I think this is going to be a new tradition.

 For the Christmas Season we started off singing carols at the State Capitol
We had our first Merrilltown Ward Christmas party, and Matthew and Seth were eager to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

Later in the month we stayed out way to late to see the Austin Trail of Lights. 

 The highlight was probably the bus ride to the lights.

And then you might say Christmas was the finale, but I would have to say the most talked about event of the season was taking the boys to Paul's office.  The visit included ice cream, goodies and Santa.  Now the boys think that's all Dad does when he goes to work... eat ice cream.

I know this post doesn't really count for super informational, but at least I'm caught up.  :)