Friday, July 9, 2010


I have always wanted a clean house. While working I mainly got to my house cleaning on Saturdays. I have a wonderful husband that LOVES helping me clean (ok love may be a strong word, but at least he was willing). Together we could hammer out most of our cleaning all in one Saturday.
As my belly got bigger, bending over to clean and scrub became too difficult. Heck even standing for more then a few minutes got to be difficult. On Paul's birthday I had decided to clean the house, so we could have people over the next day for cake and ice cream. The mind was willing, but my body was not. I ended up on the couch asking Paul if he would mind sweeping and mopping the floors. Happy Birthday to you Paul.
Fast forward to today. Up until lately, I have really had a hard time finding time to get things cleaned. Just ask Tomo, who up until today was allowed to spread his dirt where ever he went. Today with the boys help, I was able to sweep, mop and vacuum. Granted the house is no where in the state I would like it to be in, but I have to say I love my clean kitchen floor.
Thank you Matthew and Seth for giving me some sanity by letting me clean.

 Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me the energy to clean on the day that Seth and Matthew would be cooperative. The planets must have aligned just right today! now if only that dang dog would stop getting so dirty!

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