Monday, March 7, 2011


 Who doesn't enjoy baby smiles? 

A smile from the Seth-Man!

Seth currently enjoys walking with our assistance.  Sometimes he forgets he needs help and we have to be pretty quick so he doesn't land face first on the floor.  He has also figured out how to turn circles while sitting on the floor.

Matthew's grins bring smiles to everyone!
Matthew just figured out his legs can support his weight.  He loves too stand and look out the window, and loves to stand at the couch and pat the cushions all while being his chatty self.

Everyday before naps or bedtime as the boys are settling down to sleep they will try to make each other laugh.  I love it!


  1. yay for updates! Ella has watched the videos at least 10 times. She gets pretty upset when Mathew tries to take Seth's... floor tile? She's been saying "My baby Mathew is pretty crabby- can't grab stuff!" Thanks for the pictures and videos!

  2. Just a note to clarify for Ella, two seconds before the start of the video Seth stole the tile (actually a coaster) from Matthew. :)

  3. Love the videos. Can't wait to see them in a few weeks. By the way "Happy 11th month Birthday" Matthew and Seth. (On the 8th). Love you, Grandma Denson

  4. They are too cute!!!! I can't believe how big they are and I love that Matthew uses his legs now. I have got to come and visit!