Monday, May 16, 2011

Traveling with kids

If you were to ask Matthew and Seth what their thoughts of the trip to Washington DC were; this is what I think they would tell you.

Airplane lavatories:

Matthew-"They are awesome! You lie down on this table and you can play with the soap dispenser, sink, and mirror and there is this cool swishing of air beneath you from the toilet."

Seth- "Most terrifying thing ever!  Who makes a kid lie down above a toilet, where you know if you fall in you are going to be sucked out of the plane!  Too noisy, too cramped, and way too windy for my taste."

Traveling facing forward:

Matthew- "Who knew there were things to see by looking forward in a car?  I saw trees, cars, people, planes, water, and more cars.  Did I mention I found the window controls?  Awesome!"

Seth- "I was at a loss for words most of the time.  So much to take in! I did love the parking garage and the amazing acoustics!"


Matthew-"As long as I had a place to sleep and people to laugh with, it didn't matter where I slept."

Seth- "I need my space!  How is a kid who has just learned to walk supposed to get all of his wiggles out in these tiny spaces?  Luckily, we sometimes ran up and down the hallways making guests smile as we toddled by!"


Matthew and Seth- "Love, Love, Love them!  You can be as noisy and messy as you want!  And people still think you are cute!"

For the most part I felt like this wasn't much of a vacation for me, that is until I came home and realized that I had to do all of the cleaning up again.  Then I appreciated leaving a restaurant and having someone deal with the after effects of my boys.
Grandma Frances loved the boys. I think she also enjoyed watching her son be a grandpa.  He sure pulled some pretty goofy moves to try and get the kiddos to smile for pictures.

That's right everyone, get your rest now. Who knows when your next one will be!

Smiles courtesy of Grandpa!
Obviously I don't get the same respect with my camera skills.

Enjoying the shade on temple grounds.

98 years old and still just a kid!

So uncomfortable and the picture didn't turn out that well.  It was still fun!

Four Generations

The whole gang!

Susie trying to make friends with shy Matthew.

Last night out with Grandma Frances.


  1. Great pictures. Hope you had a great time. Frances looks so spry for her age.

  2. Mover over Baby's Day Out! (not like it was much competition) I think you may be on to something with the whole "toddler thoughts" idea. I definitely was laughing about the airplane bit :) So glad you could share your boys with grandma and vice versa :)

  3. Love the pictures and the boy's thoughts on travel. Frances is such a good sport. Glad to see she's doing so well. Love n hugs to all, big and small.