Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Summer Travels Cont.

After our time in Colorado, we drove up to Wyoming for our next adventure.  We stopped in Laramie again to meet up with my old co-workers (and to see some fire trucks).  I kick myself that I didn't get any pictures of my friends there!  Dang it!  But, we were able to poke around in trucks and see the new fire station.

Then it was off to see family.
We spent some time camping (and by camping I mean warm and comfy in a trailer), throwing rocks, playing in dirt and hiking.

                       You thought I meant the little boys were throwing rocks didn't you?
Matthew loved his baby cousin Allie!

Throughout our visit we bugged the older generation by running circles in their homes,getting in fights over toys or our constant chatter.

The most memorable time for me was seeing the great grandsons eat pizza with Grandpa Hunt!

                                      Awe windy Wyoming.  I have missed you!

It was awesome to see everyone!  Totally worth the driving!


  1. How lucky that you were able to spend time with so much family this summer! And yes, I definitely did think you meant the little boys were throwing rocks. That picture of Matthew with his baby cousin is super cute (and makes me hopeful for his newest cousin) but I laugh that of course it is with Matthew and not Seth :p

  2. Your adoption site looks great, and I love how your family pictures turned out. It was fun to see pictures of your family and also the freshmen girls back at UW.