Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2011's Year end Review-November's Yard Work

While most of our family was starting to shovel snow in November, we were just starting to lose leaves on the trees.  So the boys and I got to work as soon as our first tree shed it's foliage.

"This yard work thing is so easy I can do it with my eyes closed"
"It's gonna take a while with just this tiny bucket."
This counts as helping right?
We spied on our neighbors.
We picked our noses (the boys, not me)
And since Seth wouldn't help bury Matthew he decided to do it himself.

We were so excited crunch all of the leaves.  It was just too bad the other four trees in our yard didn't even start changing colors until the end of December. 

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  1. Sure glad to know the only nose-pickers I will be visiting are under age 2.

    This post cracked me up. I am SOOO excited to see y'all!