Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2011's Year End Review-Walks

So taking walks to the mail box with the boys can be complicated.  Mostly on the return trip home since I am carrying an arm load of junk mail and trying to hold two hands across a 4-way intersection.  It got a little easier once the boys decided it was fun to hold each others hands. 

I said it got a little easier.  Now that they are all about their own wills, they throw fits about holding hands while crossing the street, causing me to drop my mail in the intersection with oncoming cars barreling towards us.  Gotta love it!

Either way, it usually works out better than when Paul takes them out for walks.


  1. I have already lost track of how many people I have told about my conversation with you where I heard Matthew greet the road. Too cute!

    I'm sure though, that when you drop all the mail, you aren't thinking of cuteness, but maybe I can help you corral tots for a few walks :)

    p.s. Did I mention I'm excited to see you?

  2. Wait a minute... Why does she get to visit? That's not fair! Oh wait, there are only two of them. Will we see you this summer? By the way, those boys are huge! It looks like Matthew had something really interesting to say, Seth is all ears.

    Love ya!