Sunday, June 29, 2014

According to my camera...

Not a whole lot happened in May. That can't be right. I swear it was a busy month...

OH!  We went camping! Twice! 

Once with some friends to Bastrop State Park and once to Lockhart State Park with just the fam.  Let me remind you that camping in TX is A LOT different than camping in CO or WY. You have to reserve campsites weeks in advance and you are practically still in town when you do camp.  The boys brought their bikes, and they got plenty dirty.  It was fun to camp before the summer heat set in.

The Bastrop camping trip included Matthew smashing his face on a bridge causing a bloody nose and lip. He bounced back just fine for the rest of the trip. Later that day on our hike with friends, we got lost on the trail. We got our hot and crabby kids to the end of a trail, but it was not the intended exit. So Paul and his friend Russell had to backtrack to find our cars and rescue their families.

The day before Memorial Day weekend, I realized there was supposed to be a meteor shower. I really wanted to see it, so I scoured the internet to find a campsite.  Lucky for us I found one last site at Lockhart State Park.  I got the car all packed up, including dog and boys, and picked Paul up from work (I was pretty proud of myself). Right after we got to the campsite, Seth rode his bike downhill straight into a tree!  We continued the grand tradition of kid smashing while camping.That night we stayed up for quite a while craning our necks to the sky. I did see one falling star, so I can't say the trip was a complete waste, but it was a kind of a let down. Matthew swears he saw one too so he was pretty excited.

I always wondered what these little doors were supposed to be used for. Now I know.

Hiking in the mud.
Later in May, our ward had a field day. It was really fun to see the church family come out and participate in silly games like sponge tosses, javelin throws, lolli pop lick offs, and more. 
Cone Heads

Flying paper airplanes (made courtesy of Dad)
I feel a little better knowing I did document some of our May activities. :)


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    1. ... That wasn't supposed to happen. Here is the original comment:

      "Ah sweet memories. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago!"

  2. Maybe it was just as well you didn't document these trips with multiple photos ;)

    Glad you were able to get in some camping before the heat became unbearable. Did you guys finish off all those lollipops yet? Miss you!