Sunday, June 8, 2014

March Visitors

In March we were pleasantly surprised to have the Page's come see us for their spring break. We were happy they wanted to explore and we were more than willing to chauffeur them around central Texas.We ate and Whataburger (Sam's must have), went on a safari and almost lost Megan's new camera to a heard of zebra. We were traumatized that same trip by an ostrich pecking at our window. Another adventure that week included riding a train around Zilker Park and watching the bats on their nightly excursion to find food off the Congress Bridge. We showed the Page's an aquarium where Matthew braved the sting rays and Sam braved the sharks and of course ate some more good food. We pretty much packed each day full with things to do. Naturally we stayed up way too late and wore everyone out but it was a blast!
Can you say "Whataburber" Abe?

The start of the Safari.
Seth kept tying to throw food pellets out of the car, but most of them never made it out the window.
My back seat drivers.

Yum pellets!

Hello friend!
We thought we missed the last train ride, but the boys had faith it was still running. See how happy they are?

You cant see them, but we had to face an entire swarm of bees as we waited for the train to speed up.
This could could have cared less about the bats.

So proud to touch the sting rays!

Here Sharky Sharky!
Sam trying to teach the boys to box al-a-Wii
We love it when family comes to visit.
Thanks for the visit Megan, Sam and Abe!

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