Thursday, November 13, 2014


Our pumpkin picking was pretty simple this year. The church down the road from us was selling the gourds, so we picked one up for family home evening, then wheeled it and the boys home in the wagon.

 I received a sewing machine for my birthday, so I thought I would break it in by making the boy's Halloween costumes. They chose to be Fire flies...from the PBS show Wild Kratts.
Paul helped me with the wings and glowing parts, I sewed the shirts.The good news is they can be "creature suits" from here out.
What ever you do, don't look too closely at my sewing skills

One set of wings

Don't tell them they were wearing tights ;)

Church Halloween Party

Cutest fire flies on scooters ever!

Going bonkers on sugar!

Unfortunately, Seth ate too much candy and wasn't in the mood to show off his costume.
We didn't have a large showing for trick or treaters, but the boys had fun handing out the candy.
You can see their glowing bums while they search for Trick or Treaters


  1. I forgot about our bug-catcher-net costumes at the ward party! I'm glad you managed to get your net it the picture or the fact that we dressed up would have been lost to the ages. Man, we are so creative!

  2. Ummm....Did that Wild Kratt firefly-kid just moon me on video??

    I'm digging Seth's mummy jammies.

    Excellent work with your costume creativity!